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synchronisation overview

Synchronisation Overview

This is your documentation starting point for all things syncing with eGroupWare. There is a wide range of synchronisation protocols which are used by the wide range of different groupware clients.Thus, the topic synchronisation is a bit complex.

We try to keep this information up to date. If you know somithing which should be listed here / corrected PLEASE let us know!

See also additional information about synchronisation at Even though there are chapters about eSync (with EGroupware Enterprise Line only) there are instructions how to sync iPhone and Samsung devices with CalDAV / CardDAV and Nokia devices with SyncML.


Comments on the various sync projects

Here you will find some status information and links to the various exisitng projects related to syncing different platforms with eGroupWare.



SyncML allows you to synchronize your contacts, events and tasks to a offline client. Currently supported clients include different mobile phones, Palm and Windows Mobile based PDA's and Microsoft Outlook.

You can find more informations about the SyncML support at the following pages:


GroupDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV

Old not longer active developed, and therefore NOT recommended, synchronisation protocolls

Outlook syncing using XMLRPC or FUNAMBOL

Syncing using XMLRPC

A document stating that you should be able to sync with KDE's kontact application.

Syncing using Soap

Nothing to report about this at all.


An separate project now, see IcalSrv.


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