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Ralf Becker

Ralf Becker ;-)

I'm manager software development at Stylite AG, the company behind EGroupware.
Have a look at our services and hosting around EGroupware:
Find out what I'm currently doing:

I develop and maintain of the following eGW apps

Please contact me personally ONLY if you
  • are one of the eGW developers :-)
  • it's concerning the eGW project: security (security AT egroupware DOT org), you want to participate, ...
  • want to make payed business with me: custom eGW development, implementation and installation, support contracts
  • I answer questions on our mailing-lists. That gives more people the chance to answer or to learn from the answers. Please respect this!
egroupware-developers AT lists DOT sf DOT net questions concerning the development
egroupware-users AT lists DOT sf DOT net user and installation questions in english
egroupware-german AT lists DOT sf DOT net questions in german

Contact details (I'm fluent in english and german)

my TODO's
  • rewriting FileManager to a full features DMS see the RoadMap1.8
  • rewriting eGW's Admin app to allow hierarchical orga structures and admins responsible only for parts of it
  • ProjectManager, further extending, see the concept or german version
  • new module for sport federations: rankings, accreditation of athlets for a competition, startlists and results. Plus an extensive integration into SiteMgr.

I'm living most of the year in Kaiserslautern, Germany and usually spend our winter on the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, Asia, ...).

I'm happy to do eGroupWare projects around the glob :-) just ask ...

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