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iDots Template Set

iDots Template Set

iDots is the default pre-selected TS maintained by mipmip and the UsabilityTeam.

To Do for release eGW 1.0

  • create missing icons for core apps
  • create small icons for optional right iconmenu
  • better lay-out optional right iconmenu
  • Much better row-on row-on colors!!! important
  • explicitly name everaldo for iconset


  • overcome IE-png-transparency bug. A IE-javascript is used now. Works for 5.5 and later.
  • create preferences for iDots

To Do for later releases

  • html/xhtml w3c valid
  • create more color themes

Icons Status

ATTENTION: Note that all icons of idots are now stored in */templates/default/images/navbar.ext
Accepted / Stable icons
  • Admin
  • Calendar
  • Manual
  • Bookmarks
  • Stock Quotes
  • Addressbook
  • Unknown (where the icon is missing)
  • phpBrain
  • eTemplates
  • Wiki
  • projects
  • email
  • felamimail
  • infolog
  • headlines
  • news admin
  • timetrack
  • xml-rpc
  • soap
  • backup
  • sitemgr
  • filemanager
  • registration
  • sitemgr-link
  • emailadmin
  • ldapadmin
  • Messenger (wrong backround in the image)
  • Skel

Not Accepted / Not implemented / Unstable / Missing icons

  • netsaint
  • chat
  • meerkat
  • rbs (will be integrated in calender)
  • nntp (maybe a future integration in the mail apps)
  • Notes
  • Inventory
  • brewer
  • property
  • eLDAPtir
  • qmailldap
  • To Do

Developer Notes

  1. ( Angles ) in Gimp you can resave the png to look OK on MS browser like this
    1. open png image
    2. right click on image, click on Image | Mode | Indexed...
    3. in the "Index Color Conversion" dialog leave the defaults and click OK
    4. do File | Save As
    5. in that dialog select box choose "Determine File Type" as PNG
    6. click OK
    7. in the "Save As PNG" dialog UNCKECK the option "Save Background Color"
    8. Click OK, you now have a MS browser OK looking PNG
  2. A final note, this may degrade the quality of the PNG, so sometime I leave the PNG unchanged but make a GIF image for MS browsers, and feed the good PNG to other browsers.
-- 17/02/2004 ( mipmip )
Wow Cool. Thanks for the tip Angles

Read howto hook your app functions in the sidebox here: App-Titles and iDots Sidebox Menu
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