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New pages are created by linking to them. Wiki interprets any word consisting of an upper-case letter, a string of characters in lower case, another upper-case letter, and at least one more character in lower case as WordsSmashedTogether. Generally, this is two or more words crammed together with their first letters capitalized. Wiki knows that you want these to be the name of a new page. Just save and view the page you're currently editing.

All WordsSmashedTogether that already exist as pages will automatically become links. WordsSmashedTogether that do not actually have pages that contain content yet will have a '?' (question mark) after them. Click on the question mark and you will be able to edit the new page.

WordsSmashedTogether are a quick way to make a new page. A more powerful alternative is to use two '(' (open parenthesis) followed by the page name, followed by two ')' (closed parenthesis). Optionally, a '|' (vertical bar) may separate the page name from what you want the link on the current page to read. In the following example, remove the spaces between the parenthesis and also from around the vertical bar to make it functional.
( ( This is a new page | This is what appears as the link caption on this page ) )

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