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egw:tracker/navbar.png Tracker

Maintainer: Ralf Becker, Stylite AG


  • Manage and audit service, maintenance, change management and any other kinds of processes which need a defined delegation structure and escalation procedures
  • Create functional areas (tracker queues) and types of tasks which has to be tracked
  • Define the delegation and escalation structure
  • Link tracker entries to InfoLog tasks, addresses, project management and time sheet module
  • Document working progress historically and additionally by predefined text modules
  • Print working receipts for filing

New features available in EGroupware Premium Line (EPL), not existing in 1.6.002:

  • Custom defined fields fully available. Manage tickets by attaching individual information additionally.
  • Email configuration for tracker handling: Open a ticket by sending an email.
  • Sort tracker-items by 'last changed'
  • Allowance to 'not notify changes' by marking a checkbox

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