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egw:timesheet/navbar.png Time Sheet

Maintainer: Ralf Becker, Stylite AG


  • Manage and audit working time documentation
  • Link time sheets to tasks, projects, contacts or any other kinds of information in EGroupware and classify them by categories
  • Analyze data by different time periods, use time sheets as base for invoicing or internal controlling purpose
  • Consolidate working time in the project manager by using the Time Sheet

New features available in EGroupware Premium Line (EPL), not existing in 1.6.002:

  • History function: History function shows all changes made in Time sheet entry
  • Customizable status field for a better management and tracking of time sheet entries (e.g. status documented, billed, cancelled) to support invoicing processes optimally.
  • Status protected from changes: Status changeable by the admin only, if selected.
  • Filter entries by the contact /project: Function shows all existing Time Sheet entries linked to e.g. a certain project or contact.

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