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Maintainer: ralfbecker

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SiteMgr has seen a reorganization of its content generation architecture. The basic idea is that content is not only contributor edited HTML, but can be produced by different "modules" that fetch data from eGW applications and construct some page output from it and/or that construct the page from contributor specified arguments. What has been named blocks in former versions of SiteMgr now also is implemented as a module in this sense.
Another important change is that "content blocks" generated from these modules can be defined for different scopes (site-wide, category-specific, or page content).

  • SiteMgr can handle several websites.
  • SiteMgr can handle different versions of the same content block, thus making it possible for example to work on a draft version on the site without touching the production site (and commiting several changes at once) (There are some old thoughts about versioning, but it is better explained in the documentation.)

Planned features from RalfBecker:
  • rework non-popup manipulation (delete, up/down, ...) to not open a popup
  • add modification times and modifing user to all blocks, pages, ...
  • rework the translation system (more intuitive)
  • translation ACL based on language and category, eg. give user x rights to create/maintain french translations of all (existing) content for whole site or part of the cat-tree
  • tabed site definition and configuration
  • added a konfigurable basic/simple mode with no versioning (all blocks/pages are automaticaly published)
  • test, bugfix, modernice the html and document all existing modules

Longterm features (candidates for further sponsoring):
  • enhance versioning to be able to view website at given past time, published blocks can only be unpublished and archived, but not edited
  • xml import/export of whole site, categories or pages
  • more modules, maybe supporting the module format of an other CMS (mambo, nuke, ...)
  • own search function with searches the site-content (based on ACL / the google module only searches the public content indexed by google)

Already implemented new features:
  • index-pages for categories (can be used instead the standard page-listing)
  • all popup dialogs use standard conform [OK/Save] [Apply] [Cancel] buttons
  • Edit-Mode shows the blocks for all audiences, eg. a login-block - normaly only visible to anon users - shows up in Edit mode in a different color (grey instead of red line around)
  • enhance filecontents module to fetch body from html-page read in the filesystem or loaded via http, for easy integration of existing content
  • support of the MOS template format
  • template gallery with download
  • enhanced amazone and google modules


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