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Roadmap eGroupWare 1.8

Roadmap for eGroupWare release 1.8

Every project member, please add your plans AND (planned) finishing dates here.

Planned schedule:

  • no fixed dates yet, probably at the end of 2010

Applications & Features:

Applicationfurther explanationDeveloperplanned finishing datestatusEPL(*)
allremove view-popups in favor of edit-popups (rights permitting) InfoLog, PMRalfBecker   
allhistory for all apps using so_sql not yet having a historyRalfBecker   
Filemanger, DMSsymlinks in vfsRalfBecker 100%9.1
Filemanger, MyDMSstream for MyDMSRalfBecker, ? probably not without a sponsor 
Filemanger, DMSversioning for sqlfsRalfBecker probably only in EPL 
Filemanger, DMSsamba stream wrapper to eg. use the windows homedirsRalfBecker probably only in EPL 
DMS, all appsbrowse entries and directly store/retrieve files in VFSRalfBecker probably only in EPL9.1
InfoLog, PM, AddressBookicon to directly go to Filestore of entryRalfBecker 100%9.1
GroupDAV!CalDAV support for InfoLogRalfBecker   
TrackerSorting and filtering by custom fields and queue specific cf'sRalfBecker 50% (queue specific missing)9.1
TrackerAccept attachments in mailhandlingOscarvanEijk Done by Klaus 
TrackerStore the original mailaddress if not matched in mailhandling and optionally auto-add it to CCOscarvanEijk 100% 
TrackerConfigurable auto-reply when tickets are created via emailOscarvanEijk 100% 
TrackerImlement configurable workflowsOscarvanEijk Aug. '1020% 
ProjectManager, Tracker, TimesheetSorting and filtering by custom fieldsRalfBecker 100%9.1
ProjectManagerextra ACL for FilemanagerRalfBecker   
ProjectManagerACL about handling of not readable elementsRalfBecker   
InfoLog, PMImprove Projectmanager integration: PM filter, show InfoLog type in PMRalfBecker   
InfoLogPrint and mail an InfoLog entryStefanBecker   
InfoLogTemplates for new entriesRalfBecker   
InfoLogchange parent of an InfoLogStefanBecker 100%9.1
InfoLogconfigurable height limit for description in list (scrollbar) RalfBecker 100%9.1
EMailAttach from and save directly into VFSRalfBecker 100%9.1
EMailNo more memory limit for sending mailsRalfBecker + KlausLeitthoff?   
EMailInsert attached pictures into HTML mailsRalfBecker + KlausLeitthoff?   
Wiki, SiteMgr, all FCK usersInsert from/upload pictures to VFSRalfBecker   
SyncMLImplement SyncML 1.2 and prefs what to syncJoergLehrke + PhilipHerbert?   
eTemplatemove to jQuery and implement drag-N-dropRalfBecker   

EPL(*) indicates version for availability in Stylite's EGroupware Professional Edition, which has it's own roadmap and additional features.
I added a few of the EPL only features here, as they have been on the 1.6 Roadmap.

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