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Poll settings

Here you are able to set general options for the poll application.

Allow users to vote more than once: This option is disabled by default. It usually doesn't make sense to enable it because poll results will be inacurate.
Select current poll: Here you can choose the poll that should be displayed after a user clicks on the application icon. This makes sense if you don't want them to vote on the most recent poll, but on an older one.

Show questions

Shows a list of all the polls (questions) you have in your database. After clicking on the view icon, you will see the statistics for that poll. You can also edit or delete polls by clicking on the delete or edit icons.

Add questions

To add a new poll you have to click on the link Add questions in the administration menu. Now you have to enter the question you want your users to answer. After clicking the add button you will be redirected to the same page. There is a link at the top of the page, but you should ignore it. It leads to a page on which you can change the question.

Add answers

A poll without answers a user can choose doesn't make a lot of sense, so now you should add possible answers to your poll. To do that you have to click on the link Add answers in the administration menu. You can just type in the answer in the text field and then choose the poll it belongs to. You have to repeat that for every answer you want in your poll, but after clicking the add button you will get the same page with the poll you're working on preselected, so it's not that much work.

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