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Personalizer: A wizard for eGroupWare

As applications gets bigger and more configurable it harder to get them to work. Is it a good idea to create a general wizard app to which every app can hook which helps the admin/user to select the most used and probably going to work configuration options? This can be done in 4 or 5 screen with guiding text and maybe some cheerfull illustrations.

Finally one screenshot at 800x600:
why no navbar or other egw elements? The user must actively abort the wizard and NOT have to much options, links or possibilities to loose attention.

Planned functionality

Normal Functions
  • The wizard app can automatically run after setup or first login or can be called manually.
  • Add personal information
  • The wizard can be run for all eGW and all hooked application or for one application.
Admin settings
  • run for every thirst login: yes/no
  • enable other applications request: yes/no
  • exclude certain applications
  • make certain screens required before user can run eGroupWare, e.g. personal information/password change.


  • implement save direct after next screen setting
  • workout all input functions used by the hookfiles
  • implement method for single applications wizard
  • design implement method for non existing preferences which set an array of existing preferences. e.g. "Are you a poweruser?" sets true to all "filemanager view columns questions"
  • ask question: You have access to the following apps. Do you want to request the administrator for access to other apps listed below?
  • formflow / chosen settings session array
  • cache screenlist array to increse speed


  • describe and implement general hook_method
  • create_select_box function can be executed from hook_file

reinerj 23.01.04

I see the shot and i understand the concept. I like it. This is a realy usefull application to configure the personally requirements. Congratulations Pim !!!
Can you please use instead of "next" ... also a icon ? Of course but thirst this bastard must work.

I sure it will :-)

wolffc 31.01.04

Being the maintainer of kpersonalizer, wich has the exact same purpose ("first-start-setup-wizzard") for KDE, I like this idea. For kpersonalizer, we had a "whitepaper" from a useability-guy, wich described exactly the different pages and wich options they should trigger. I found this very usefull to have, maybe it would be a good idea, to create this sort of Concept-Paper for this application, too.
(BTW, please tell me, if the WIKI is not intended for this sort of comments)

reinerj 31.01.04

wolffc, this sounds realy usefull. I sure mipmip is interesting in it. Can you post it here to the wiki or add a link to the original?.

wolffc 08.02.04

sure, here is the link:

nathan 2007.03.07

That link is dead now, I think this might be vaguely related, but I couldn't find new information on kpersonalizer:

Here's hoping this gets done soon. :-P
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