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Manual - eGW's OnlineHelpSystem

maintainer: RalfBecker

eGW's Online Help has been completly rewritten and uses now a kind of Wiki to display context-sensitv Help-pages.

The manual app creates from the refering URL a series of page-names:
  • URL containing a menuaction, like menuaction=app.class.function:
    1. ManualAppFunction
    2. ManualAppClassFunction
    3. ManualAppClass
    4. ManualApp
  • URL without menuaction, like /app/fuction.php
    1. ManualAppFunction
    2. ManualApp
  • URL from the preferenc-app like /preferences/preferences.php?appname=app
    1. ManualAppPreferences
    2. ManualApp
These pages are search in the above given order and the first match is displayed. If no match is found, the manual startpage Manual is displayed plus a message with the searched pages and that none of them was found.

Please use the german version as a referenz for the names of the manual-pages. We work on getting the english version ready, but at the moment (3/Jul/2004) its far less complete and usable, then the german one.

If the developer wants more specific manual-pages, eg. he uses the same function for edit and add, he can explicitly set the help-page by setting $GLOBALS[phpgw_info][flags][params][manual][page] before (!) he calls common::phpgw_header().

New / already implemented features:
  • downloading new languages / updated manuals from (3/Jul/2004)

Planned features:
  • contributing own manual-page direct to (with some kind of review process)
  • search, back-button and history

If you have any questions just ask -- RalfBecker

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