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How to be a Senior eGroupware Project Member

Author()s:Pim Snel <>
Document Status:Draft
Date:6 may 2005

1. Preface

The eGroupware Project is quite big and allready has a lot of teammembers. At the time of writing we have around 40 members, but I don't know how many of them are really active. Still we have a lot of things to do and we can always use motivated new teammembers for a wide variety of tasks. We could need developers for a lot of applications that are not being maintained at this moment, but there are a lot of other tasks for which we need help. We need help with writing documentation, writing application translations, website maintaince, forum administration and a lot more. If you want to be a new member read this document to learn the shortest road to be member of our team.

2. How to become a Senior eGroupware Member

0. A non-member
When someone likes to be member of the project, there are a few things that he or she can do to make this happen or fasten this process:

  • Subscribe to one or more of the mailinglists and post suggestions or answers to questions. Make yourself known.
  • Visit our #egroupware at to personally get to know active developers
  • Send us patches for bug or features, or documentation, translations, holiday files etc...
  • Create yourself a long term tasklist for what you like to do for the eGroupware project. e.g. Maintain an orphaned application or write documentation, introduce a new application etc...
  • Find yourself a mentor. This must be a senior member and he or she must be available in helping you to become a senior member,
  • Write a resume about yourself and include your long term tasklist with it so your mentor can publish this on the core list

1. Junior Member
The person who want to be a member has found a mentor who accompanies him in the process of being a full privileged egroupware member. The mentor announces his mentorship together with the Junior Members Resume at the core-list. The
Junior Member sends all his work to his mentor which can commit the changes to SVN or at any other workplace in the eGroupware project, e.g. our Wiki.

2. Medior Member
When the mentor thinks the Member is ready for the next stage the mentor sends a request to for changing the status of the member from Junior to Medior. If this request is approved the member is now Medior Member.
This will be announced on the core-list He will get all access he needs for his new task, e.g. access to or SVN commit rights or ssh-access to He can now work as a normal team
member but the Mentor is still responsible for his work. If problems occur the admin team will contact the mentor.

3. Senior Member
When the mentor thinks and hopes :) the Medior member is experienced enough he can do a last request to the Admins for changing the member status to Senior member. When this request is approved the Mentor's job is finished. The new
Senior Member is fully responsible for himself and has all privileges he needs for his tasks together with the right to vote about new proposals and all other ballots.
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