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Synchronizing Thunderbird address book with eGroupWare using GroupDAV

Synchronizing Thunderbird addressbook&calendar with eGroupWare using GroupDAV

Address book synchronizing

In this chapter we describe how to synchronize eGroupWare with the Thunderbird client using free PlugIns?. You can synchronize address book, calendar and events.

Installation of the SoGo Connector (!GroupDAV PlugIn)

The Version 0.62 (or higher) is required using eGroupware. This version contains a bug which causes problems with umlaut characters like „ö“ or „ä“. This bug will be fixed as soon as possible in a new release.
(Tested: With the version 0.62 works fine, but using a higher version might not work)

  • Please download the SoGo Connector (!GroupDAV PlugIn) here:
and save the file „sogo-connector-0.62.xpi“ on your Computer.
  • Open the Thunderbird Mail client.
  • Choose the menu item „Tools“ -> „Add-ons“.
  • A new window appears and you can push the Button [Install...].
  • Another new window with the possibility to choose the downloaded file „sogo-connector-0.62.xpi“ will pop up.
  • After installing the PlugIn? you are asked to restart Thunderbird.
  • The installation of the PlugIn? is completed.

Configure eGroupWare Address Book

You can now configure a Remote Address Book:

By pressing the Button [OK] your Remote address book is configured.

A right click opens a contextual menu for the new Address Book „eGroupWare Address book“. Please choose „Synchronize“ to load the data from your remote Server.

The first time running the synchronization you are prompted to put in your eGroupWare Username and Password. The Synchronization can take several minutes, depending on your internet connection and the server.

The configuration of the address book is completed.

Calendar synchronizing

post the how-to.
explain it here.

User Manual / Synchronization
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.

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