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In the Knowledge Base user’s can save questions and their corresponding answers. In time, this allows a large archive of knowledge/information to be created which can help co-workers solve problems or can be implemented for client support (e.g. in connection with the tracking system (Tracker)). Questions can also be saved without answers. If another user knows the answer to the question he/she can then draft a response.

Site configuration

Configuring this application is very simple. You can choose only whether HTML commands should be permitted or not. It is safer to disable HTML commands. However, it makes sense to activate this option if all eGroupWare users are reliable and trustworthy. For instance, in this case images can be integrated into answers.

View questions

After clicking on the Knowledge Base icon a list will appear containing all questions and answers. Here you can filter by category or use the search function. There is also a selection box where you can choose whether answered or open questions should be displayed. To get a better look at the question and answer click on the entry title.

Display question

Here all information on a question is shown: the complete text answer, rating, comments and corresponding URL, if available. The rating function is useful to show users how helpful the answer is. Comments can also be very helpful. If, for example, an answer is not very detailed other users can add to it.

Adding a reply

The easiest way to add a reply to an open question is to go to the list of questions, view the open question and then click on question you would like to answer.

You have to fill in five fields:
  • Export format: You can choose the format you would like to use for the news feed.
  • Question: The complete question. If you are replying to an open question this field will already be filled in.
  • Keyword: Enter additional key words that will help in the search.
  • Category: Lists available categories. If you assign a question to category, it is possible to use a filter in the question display and all entries for a category are displayed.
  • URL: Input a link to a site with more information, e.g. in Wiki or to another website. It is also feasible to input a link to an image if HTML has been deactivated, or a link to a patch or an application.
  • Text: The reply text. If HTML is activated, this is the field in which the HTML code can be used.

To input a new question, including a reply, use the ’Add reply’ link in the menu. The user must fill in the question field. However, check first if there is not already an open question on this topic.

Adding a question

If you would like to add a question without an answer, call up the ‘add question’ link in the menu. A list of open questions will appear as well as a text field where you can enter the question. Once you have input the question click [Add] to save it.

User Manual
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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