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News Admin

With the News application you can release as well as read corporate news. This gives co-workers a central location where they can find up-to-date corporate information. For example, work council information can be announced and read by all those interested. Such news can also be released as a website internally or externally by using a module in the Sitemanager.

All news are listed on the main page. On the right side above the list you will see the [Add] button so that you can write news items.

With the navigation bar you can search or choose items of interest: There are two different selection boxes and a text field to search, which are linkable. Click on the [Search] button to view the list of selected news items. Use the inner arrows to scroll forwards and backwards in the list. The outer arrows allow you to move to the beginning or the end of the list. The numbers selection box lets you determine how many contacts should be displayed on the page.
  • Left selection box Category: Shows either 'All news' or ‘News from selected category only’.
  • Middle selection box Show:
    • Content: Shows headlines, teasers and news content fields.
    • Teaser: Shows news headlines and teasers.
    • Headline: Shows headlines only.

The list shows a table of the selected news (sorted by 'date' with the most current news at the top). To reverse the sort sequence, click on ‘date’ in the column header.
Use your browsers print function to make a printout of the list. It is possible to change the number of entries displayed or printed in the selection box 'Number' located at the far right in the navigation bar header. Press the symbol to hide/unhide columns.

The list contains the following columns:
  1. News: Depending on the Display filter selected shows the entire content or the headlines and/or teasers only.
  2. Top selection box from all or search... to select the specific user who created the news item. The date appears underneath the news item. The list is sorted by date.
  3. Selection box Visible: For the filter you can choose from 'all', ‘current’, ‘future’, ‘old’, 'always', 'never' or 'by date'. Accordingly, only the news fitting these criterion will be displayed.
  4. Actions: to write news items and to delete news items.

Additional News Admin help pages:

User Manual
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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