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egw:infolog/navbar.png InfoLog

Maintainer: Ralf Becker, Stylite AG


  • Create tasks and delegate to team members or groups
  • Link flexibly to other data types such as addresses, contacts, projects or attach any file by uploading to a task
  • Document task progress and follow status
  • Establish comprehensive selection criteria and perform full-text search
  • Be informed by getting Email notification and/or popup messages if status or content of task has been changed.

New features available in EGroupware Premium Line (EPL), not existing in 1.6.002:

  • InfoLog / Calendar: InfoLogs shown in calendar on start date
  • Filter - start date / end date: Manage tasks by setting an individual time period as a filter criteria.
  • Limitation of visible rows in the task description area of the InfoLog module overview page. Customizable setting for a perfect visualization and task handling.
  • Subtasks: Linking of new or already existing tasks to other InfoLog items as sub entries, to organize tasks logically.
  • Subtask handling: Function to decide, whether subtasks should be closed automatically by setting the parent task 'done'.
  • Filter for related InfoLogs: Function shows all existing InfoLogs linked to e.g. a certain project, contact, calendar event or knowledge base article
  • On click access to the file manager data store of InfoLog, to attach and manage task related files directly.
  • Copy and print functions
  • InfoLog types: Manage company related processes by different kinds of InfoLog types

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