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Please note: iCalServer is depricated from EGroupware 1.6 on, please use GroupDAV!

Reason for that decision was, that GroupDAV works much more stable. GroupDAV application (installed by default) also supports CalDAV. All most all clients supported by iCalServer support either GroupDAV or CalDAV.

The iCalServer project page

Here you will find the project information with regards to development progress, todo lists, etc.

Coordinator: Jan van Lieshout

Developers: Jan van Lieshout


Available packaged in the 1.4.002 release.

The documentation on Jan's site is a bit outdated. The lightning/sunbird support improved a lot, so you can now simply delete items and the trafic between lightning and eGW is minimised.

There's now an other promissing part in iCalSrv: GroupDAV it's developed at the moment by RalfBecker and allows eg. to access the eGW addressbook from thunderbird. GroupDAV will be part of the iCalServer package from 1.4.003 on.

About IcalSrv

IcalSrv is a service interface for egroupware, that allows you to remotely access your calendar events and todos by using a calendar client like Mozilla Sunbird or apple iCal. Once downloaded on such a client the events and todos can be read and updated offline. At a later moment they then can be uploaded (aka published) to your Egroupware server, where the offline made changes will then be taken over.

For further info and screenshots see the documentation links below.


  • Synchronization with calendar and contacts via ical protocol.
    • Testing with following:
      • Mozilla sunbird
      • KOrganizer
      • Evolution
      • iCal (on mac)
      • RemoteCalendars-Plugin (for outlook2003)
      • etc..


Now integrated into the 1.4.002 release.


Older IcalSrv release documentation here release user docs.

Especially the overview, screenshots and release-logs may be of interest.

FAQs here:

The same documentation is packed in the Icalsrv-user-doxydoc.tgz file in the icalsrv folder.
For developer documentation see the other doxydoc.tgz files in the IcalSrv and EgwIcal? folder.

Setting up iCalSrv

Login as a user with admin rights.
Go to Admin icon
Select Applications from left menu
You should see iCalSrv
If not then click 'setup' at the bottom and go to step 5 "Manage Applications"; install iCalSrv
Return to Admin->Applications and select "Edit"
Whilst testing, change to: Status Enabled, Location 2
Once it is working change this to: Status Enabled - Hidden from NavBar?, Location 2
(This is because the navbar just displays a splash screen)

Now go to user accounts, edit a user and enable iCalSrv

That user can now use iCalSrv by accessing:

Typically applications will use:
and will authenticate as a particular user.

Korganizer 4.1

Right click in the calendar area and 'Add'

select: "Calendar in Remote File"

Download from = http://egroup/egroupware/icalsrv.php
Upload to = http://egroup/egroupware/icalsrv.php


read the release logs for your version in the IcalSrv release documention on the link above.


  • Update and correct docs
  • Test and Debug
  • add more Setup and Configuration/Preference GUI
  • much more ...
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