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egw:filemanager/navbar.png FileManager

Maintainer: Ralf Becker, Stylite AG


  • Use web based file manager for sharing information and managing documents
  • Individual home data area for each user
  • Team folder for supporting data exchange optimally
  • Direct access to the file manager from the personal computer using WebDAV (web based distributed authoring and versioning)

New features available in EGroupware Premium Line (EPL), not existing in 1.6.002:

  • File protection to prevent accidentally overwriting of data while uploading
  • Favorites: Save mostly used folders as your in the side menu for quick access and a better overview
  • Personalize your workspace by using folder links for higher productivity
  • Upload multiple files at once for more convenient file handling
  • Browse to EGroupware's module item attachments and organize information efficiently (e.g. attach files and folders to projects directly by the EGroupware file manager)
  • Use EGroupware as a regular file server. EGroupware provides WebDav communication features for accessing its file server directly by personal computers (e.g. in combination with tools like NetDrive? or WebDrive? (3rd party tools) on a Microsoft operating system). Example: manage the project file store directly from your PC, copy/move/create project related files and folders.

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