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Display of the customfields in eTemplates Table view

if you want to display your customfields in the tableheader of your eTemplates Tableview ...

With sort and select

function to display the customfields in a nextmatch table-header with the functionality of sorting and selecting
by customfields. Of cource you need to adapt the source of your get_rows or search functionality to do the
actual sorting and selecting. We try to do some additional documentation in codecorner
You can pass the allowed/wanted fields to the header by passing an array of the wanted fields to the widget
through the options parameter (see the eTemplate editor for fields/cells). This array is passed on through
$cell['size']. By now the array passed through is only working, if it is the only entry in the optionsparameter.
The allowed fields array assumes an numerical indexed array of (an) array(s) with ['name'] tag(s) set.
The name provided assumes a preceding #. (e.g.: $allowed_fields[x]['name']='#MyCustomField')

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