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Categories help to organize the data in different eGroupWare applications.

Example: You might create a category 'Customers' and assign it in the AddressBook to each address/contact that is a customer. You can now use it to show only the customers. To do so you have to select that Category in the List of the AddressBook.

Most of the applications support the category system and there are three kind of categories:
  • Global: these are available for all applications and all users. Only Admins are allowed to create global categories (go to Administration / Admin / Global Categories).
  • Application-global: these are available for all users but only in the application for which they are created. They can also only be created by Admins, like the global categories (go to Administration / the application / Global Categories).
  • User: these categories can be added by each user in his preferences.

Which type of category to use: If you need a category for more than one application, make it a Global category (eg. the Customer category might be useful in other applications too). If you need a category only in one application make it an Application-global category. And last but not least, if you are not an administrator or your categories are not useful for other users, make it a User category.

Categories can be arranged in a hierarchy so you can have sub-categories like customers / first time or customer / key accounts.

In the planner view in Calendar categories can be used to assign colors to each category of appointments / events. To do so, add the color as RGB-value after the description (eg. '#FF0000' for red).

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