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Maintainer: Ralf Becker, Stylite AG


  • Manage own and shared appointments
  • Send, accept and reject invitations
  • Allocate resources to an appointment
  • Use alarm and reminder functions
  • Link appointments to other data like contacts, tasks or attach files
  • Create selection criteria and perform full-text search
  • Use category or team view for managing your schedules optimally
  • Get Email notifications about any changes in your calendar

New features available in EGroupware Premium Line (EPL), not existing in 1.6.002:

  • Favorites: Add any calendar view to your favorites to be available on click. Favorites can be set up either individually by the user or to all users or the primary group by admin.
  • Print function to create a receipt of an appointment with complete information about date, time, subject, notes, participants, attachments.
  • ACL - Category: Set which of the EGroupware users are allowed to add certain category to an event and which of the users are allowed to change status of that category.
  • ACL - Free/Busy: Allows an overview about someone's else calendar without revealing any details of events.
  • ACL – Invite: Protect the user and/or group calendars from direct invitations.
  • Visualization of the invitations: Visualization by the color and dotted lines around the event.
  • Filter for invitation handling: Use a new filter to view events you are invited for and invitations you e.g. accepted, rejected or set as tentative..
  • Custom defined fields: shown on list view
  • Yearly view
  • InfoLog / Calendar: InfoLogs shown in calendar on start date
  • History-logging: all changes are tracked in the history, deleting of an appointment will mark the appointment as deleted, admins can expunge all deleted appointments

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