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Improvements for foreign address book import into egw

I think there should be plans to collect all possible candidate apps being able to manage address books for migrating them into egw. Actually, I have only tried:

Import from Mozilla LDIF

The origin is a spanish w2k workstation, and the target was initially a egw RC4 with iso-8859-1 as charset, set this way into setup. The initial import was good, but not 100% OK. The records were successfully imported, but extended chars didn't look good. Converting to utf-8 in setup solved the problem, but don't know if it's accurate.

Import from Microsft Outlook Express (OE)

At this time, in the same w2k, I tried to export the address book, and only got one reliable way for it. I tried csv, but no way, creating thousands records in addressbook, so I had to delete the records in the database. The only way I got it was, taking that mozilla was also installed, import the address book from moziilla import tool into its addressbook options and, from there, export to ldif. Next, is described above.

If somebody has OE and no mozilla locally, I'm afraid I haven't found a way to import that in egw, so maybe there's some work in progress about this.

So, there should be a straight solution for this.

Microsoft Outlook

Miles Lott says:
"At least looking at the US version of OE 6, the fields and export format
are mostly the same as for Outlook csv. One exception: "Home
Country/Region" in OE is "Home Country" in Outlook. Things like this
are different..."

I didn't try yet, but I'll do it.

Maybe the egw import option that says just "Outlook" means that it works for all Outlooks.

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