Community wiki

Community wiki

Administration and Installation documentation

  1. Install & Security HowTo available in english, french and traditional chinese
  2. Dependencies - what you need to run eGroupWare - with a mix of useful links
  3. ACL - Access Control Lists (Listas de control de acceso (es) / Liste de contrôle d'accès (fr)) - grant others access to data, on group or single account basis
  4. Categories - organize the data in most of the apps
  5. LDAP Readme How to install eGroupWare with LDAP
  6. Mail Auth Introduction
  7. Notifications requirements for a working notifications setup
  8. SQL-LDAP-AccountMigration
  9. LDAP Addressbook Readme How to install eGroupWare's Addressbook with LDAP
  10. Charset-Change How to change the charset to be used
  11. Asynchronous timed service How to use crons and timed services
  12. Setting up a Virtual server with EGroupWare

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