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Maintainer: ralfbecker, Stylite AG


  • Create multiple address books
  • View contacts and organizations easily by using filters and advanced search functionalities
  • Use categories and distribution lists to organize the address stock transparently
  • Import/Export address data material and fill documents automatically with contact data for e.g. marketing campaigns
  • Link contact data with any other kinds of EGroupware data like notes, tasks, projects or uploaded documents to create a powerful CRM view

New features available in EGroupware Premium Line (EPL), not existing in 1.6.002:

  • Print function for serial letters and address labels
  • Visualization of appointments with contacts by last date/next date notice.
  • On click access to the file manager data store of an address, to attach and manage contact related files.
  • Serial letter documents can be created also with Office tools: Additionally to .rtf and .txt files it is possible now to create serial letters also with MS/O Office tools, when document is saved as .xml, .docx, .xlsx, .ods or .odt.
  • Set and delete of categories for multiple contacts at once in the list view
  • History-logging: all changes are tracked in the history, deleting of contacts change contact type to 'deleted', only admins can restore or delete them permanently.

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