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phpgwapi: ADOdb

Class planed as replacement for our own phplib derived db-class.

availble information:

They support transactions, table-locking and table-creation.
With ADOdb we could fully replace our db-class and most parts of schema-proc (the still needed parts can use ADOdb).

I would recommend the following approach:
  1. our db-class gots reimplemented useing ADOdb functions.
  2. the api creates a normal db-object and a ADOdb object in $GLOBALS['phpgw']->adodb
  3. Apps can still use our old db-classe (which then uses ADOdb) or can use ADOdb direct
  4. tables_{baseline|current|update} get a '.type' entry allowing - if set to 'ADOdb' - to use the ADOdb syntax for tablecreation direct. Else the remains of schema_proc will do the conversation. Eg:
$phpgw_baseline = array(
'phpgw_test' => array(
'fd' => array(
'name' => array('type' => 'varchar', 'precision' => 50,'nullable' => False)
'num' => array('type' => 'int', 'precision' => 4, 'default' => 10, 'nullable' => False),
'pk' => array('name'),
'fk' => array(),
'ix' => array(),
'uc' => array()
would be:
$phpgw_baseline = array(
'.type' => 'ADOdb',
'phpgw_test' => array(

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