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eTemplate: widget based template system for eGW

maintainer: RalfBecker

Why using eTemplate

A list of arguments for and benefits of using eTemplate.


  • widget based (new widgets can be added via a defined interface), existing widgets:
    • of course all native html form-elements
    • diverse select-boxes (like the sbox-class in the api, eg. for accounts)
    • tab-widget (since 1.0.1 without reload)
    • pagination control (nextmatch widget)
    • diverse layout widgets: grid, vbox, hbox, groupbox
    • eGW inter application linkage and attachments
    • customer fields widget
    • many more ...
  • interactive editor to create the templates
  • xul-like (mozillas UI definition language) xml-interface for use with every editor
  • a database table-editor: db-tools
    • creates a
    • updates automaticaly
    • can import existing tables (make apps instaleble via setup)
  • fully documented (see below)

Documentation about eTemplate

Planed features:

  • using AJAX for a partial reload of eg. the nextmatch widget or the link-search
  • new / extended widgets:
    • numerical widget with up/down arrows, suppression of not allowed chars and range-check
    • pagination control should allow for
      • columns enable/disable like in mozilla (saved in the user prefs)
    • tree widget with callback like nextmatch

Implemented features:

  • new / extended widgets:
    • pagination control should allow for
      • optional sort-line with letter: A|B|C|D ...
    • date-widget with popup calendar
    • pagination control should allow for
      • sorting after certain cols
    • RichText editor widget: Mozilla Midas and RichText for IE
  • checking of the transmitted forms and reporting of the errors found by certain criteria and a user-supplied funktion:
    • range check of numbers
    • field (not) empty
    • regular expression for field to match (and an user supplied error-message)
  • lot more javascript / DOM to make the UI nicer (this will always be implemented with a fallback for disabled javascript)

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