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eGroupWare applications
The eGroupWare suite consists of a number of individual installable applications.
Each one is maintained by a selected maintainer (in brackets).

GroupWare applications

These are the applications everyone expects to find in a groupware solution:

egw:infolog/navbar.png InfoLog ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
Powerful replacement for ToDo, Notes and Phonecalls, CRM customer relationship management.
egw:calendar/navbar.png Calendar ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
Powerful calendar which also supports scheduling of groups, resources and even contacts.
egw:addressbook/navbar.png AddressBook ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
Contact-manager using SQL or LDAP
egw:felamimail/navbar.png eMail ( Leithoff Stylite AG )
Userfriendly IMAP mail-client
egw:filemanager/navbar.png FileManager ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
Managing files stored in the (VFS)? (virtual file system) based on files or sql-db.
egw:tracker/navbar.png Tracker ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
tracking of bugs or other, integrated with projectmanager.
egw:projectmanager/navbar.png ProjectManager ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
Element based Projectmanager highly integrated with all other eGW apps.
egw:timesheet/navbar.png Timesheet ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
time-tracker application well integrated with projectmanager.
egw:wiki/navbar.png Wiki ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
eGW's eGW's Tavi:WikkiTikkiTavi clone.
egw:resources/navbar.png Resources (N. N.)
Resources managment (inventory) and booking tool integrated into eGW calendar.
egw:phpbrain/navbar.png KnowlegeBase ( alpeb )
Knowledge base.
egw:news_admin/navbar.png NewsAdmin
enter and view news ( RalfBecker Stylite AG ).
egw:polls/navbar.png Polls
show and evaluate polls.
egw:bookmarks/navbar.png Bookmarks
share your bookmarks.

Further collaboration applications

egw:sitemgr/navbar.png SiteMgr ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
Userfriendly intuitve web autoringsystem with fine granulated access control lists.
egw:workflow/navbar.png Workflow engine ( regis_glc )
ported from Galaxia/Tikiwiki and heavily modified avaible in egroupware 1.2.

Members tools

Administration tools

  • setup installation and update of eGroupWare and the apps ( RalfBecker Stylite AG )
  • admin intern administration interface
  • (phpSysInfo)? show system information on linux, windows and other *nix systems: load, users, free mem, ...
  • registration allow people to register themselfs for eGW accounts ( mipmip )

Developer tools


  • ImportExport: using plugable data sources and destinations eg. csv-file, sql-db, bo/so-classes (N.N.)


  • soap test for eGW's soap interface
  • xmlrpc test application for eGW's XML-RPC interface
  • Chatty Chat system for eGroupware ( oliviert )
  • Stock Quotes ( orphaned )
  • (comic)? loads and shows comics from different sites ( orphaned )
  • (headlines)? load and displays headlines from various sites ( orphaned )
  • (ftp)? basic ftp client ( orphaned )
  • Projects project management with accounting (N.N.)
  • Email aka AngleMail imap & pop3 client ( angles )
  • (TTS TroubleTicketSystem)? ( tt_oscar )
  • backup frontend for a cron based backup script

Plans for new applications

Third party applications/solutions

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