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Community wiki

This page describes how to setup a virtual server running multiple eGroupWare instances with different URLs and full email support.

Note: I don't have enough time to create this page at once, so I'll write this How-To in parts over the next days/weeks. As long as this note's here, it's not yet finished :/

The environment

My server is directly connected to the internet without proxy server.
The following software will be installed:

    Version1 Reason
OS Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS That's a matter of personal taste; I just like Ubuntu
MTA Postfix 2.6.2 Is there any other choice?
IMAP Cyrus 2.3.14 Cyrus supports virtual hosting and integrates fully with eGroupWare. If you want to use Ubuntu's default IMAP server (Dovecot), mailboxes can not be created from within eGroupWare, and single logon won't work.
Authentication2 OpenLDAP 2.4.16 With LDAP, eGroupWare can create IMAP mailboxes when eGW users are created, and when users change their password it is not necessary to change the IMAP password seperately
Groupware eGroupWare 1.6.001 Guess... just guess

1 At the time of writing these where the latest (stable) versions. Newer versions "should work"TM
2 I use LDAP for authentication only, not for the addressbook. If you want to store addressbooks in LDAP as well, refer to this page

To make life easier, especially if you're not to familiair with Linux, you might wanna instrall Webmin and LDAPAdmin too.
Of course, the latest Apache, MySQL and PHP are installed as well to make it a complete LAMP server.

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