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numbering schema for eGW and how it influence the update process

The api version numbers are the general version number of a eGW release:
  • numbers like indicate the branch is in development
  • the minor number xxx is always 3-digit and has to be incremented for every database structure change / update
  • even version numbers such as indicate a Stable Branch
    • minor numbers greater 0 indicate bugfix-releases, ie 1.2.003
    • there should be no db format changes - except in extremely rare curcumstances !!!

How are VersionNumbers incremented / db-table formats changed ?

  • the version number of an app as well as of the api is stored in the file /setup/ and the db-table phpgw_applications
  • these 2 numbers have to match, if not one have to update via the setup program
  • setup looks in /setup/ to know how to update the app
  • the format of this file and the whole process is described in detail in the

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