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maintainer: RalfBecker

The TranslationTools are the reworked and bugfixed version of the language-management developer_tools from Milosch.

The are intended to be used by developers and translators and can make there live a lot easier. See NewLanguageHowTo for information on how to create translations for a new / not already supported language.

  • show all phrases from the en lang-file, the already available translations and allow to just enter the translation
(no fiddling about the format and stuff)
  • Search new phrases in the source code, the parser recognizes now beside lang(...) the calls of the preference-functions
(see How to hook into Admin and Preferences), seach reports only phrases not in phpgwapi-file for appname=common
  • add New phrases to a lang-file (mostly Search new phrases in the source it more convenient)
  • change application name of a phrase, eg. to common for the app-title or admin for the bulletpoints in Admin
  • lowercase and alphabetically sort the phrases / message_id (this is part of phpGW's codeing standards)
  • write (if webserver has write-access to the setup-dir or the file) or download the changed lang-file
  • Update database reads .lang file into database without running setup to check / see your translations.
  • uses multiline textareas for long messages, very convenient
  • reads the phrases from the following files hook_{admin|preferences|sidebox_menu|acl_manager} (they contain no lang-calls)

The language file UI:
  • Step 1 selects the language files to for translation. It is form of it's own anything in the fields of other steps is ignored.
  • Steps 2 to 4 are all same form and all translations and checkboxes are submitted and all steps may be performed at once.
  • Step 2 Update button or the checkbox performs update of translations from the form fields into the Translation Tools application for following steps.
  • Step 3 Load button downloads the current .lang file from Translation Tools application.
  • Step 3 Write button or the checkbox writes the .lang file into egroupware setup directory if directory is writable by web server.
  • Step 4 Update Database button or the checkbox reads the .lang file from setup directory into database. This will make the new translations available for page rendering.

For example, when you press Write button, and have checkboxes next to Update and Update Database checked, it will read the form fields for new translations, write the .lang file and update the database all in one step.

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