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AccountMigration SQL and LDAP
If for some reason you want to change the way your accounts are stored (usually enhancement of resources, organization growing, centralized auth...), you can 'export' from one backend to another. EGroupWare has two backends to store accounts: SQL (meaning any sql database supported by the abstraction layer) and LDAP.

The basics is that, from /setup, you have to setup the backend that you will be using, and save the changes. In case of using LDAP, make sure you're using the new schemas and have set correctly the context for accounts and groups. Then, go back into step 2 and in the ldap section you'll find a link on the left (yes, it's a link, not a bold question!) to migrate accounts between repositories. Clicking this link will take you to a form where you'll find a detection of the existing accounts in the old backend, and some options about membership and permissions for the accounts that you'll have to set to fit your needs. The migration is always from the old backend to the new backend.

See also LDAP-Setup (could someone please tell where that is?)

This article was written by Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla as a Knowledgebase article

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