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To translate eGW into a new (not already supported) language you need to follow these steps:
  1. as admin install and enable the TranslationTools for your account
  2. start the TT's and select first the API (phpgwapi)
  3. select your language (eg. 'Hebrew') as target language
  4. translate only the phrase charset to the charset you want to use (eg. iso-8859-1). I don't know which charset is commonly used for your language. Thought you can always use setup to switch / convert the system to utf-8.
  5. check Save, Write target and click on [update database] (the setup-dirs off all apps need to be writeable by the webserver to write the langfile direktly !!!)
  6. go to Preferences -> Change your settings, select 'Hebrew' as your language and save the prefs. Now eGW switches to that charset.
  7. Start the TranslationTools again and start translating the API ('phpgwapi') and eTemplate and then all other apps you choose to translate. If you always check write target and click on [update database], you will be able to see added the translation immediately
  8. submit the all files */setup/phpgw_lr.lang to our patch-manager and assign the category "Translations".

Note: you will not be able to install a new language via setup, unless we activate that language in the sources, which we do when your translations are ready.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me (RalfBecker) via egroupware-developer AT lists DOT sf DOT net.

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