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eGroupWare Dependencies

eGroupWare runs on top a php enabled webserver and needs a database to store its data.

For current Linux Distributions, the recommended way is to use MySQL, Apache and PHP from your distribution.
You you use an older Linux (which does not support PHP 5.2.3+ or MySQL 5.0) or you want to use Windows there are a few possibilities:
This is all you need for a standard installation

eGroupWare is extremely flexible, and so there are many optional dependencies for more enhanced installations. The dependencies are categorized below.



eGroupWare runs on top a php enabled webserver. This could be one of the following
  • Apache version 1.33+
  • Lighttpd
  • IIS
  • Roxen


The current release / version 1.8 of EGroupware will run on any version of php 5.2.3+, php5.3 is fully supported.


You must have a database, any of the following are currently supported. Recommended and best tested is MySQL.
  • MySQL MySQL 5.0
  • PostgreSQL - 8.0+ (there are some unconfirmed problems with 7.4)
  • MaxDB (parts of 1.8 have problems with MsSQL?)
  • MsSQL? (parts of 1.8 have problems with MsSQL?)
  • Oracle ( not fully supported yet)

NOTE: You must have support for the database included in php
Developers please refer to this RDMS functionality X reference when developing your apps


LDAP can be use for storing account or contact data in eGroupWare.
  • OpenLDAP?
  • Netscape Directory Server -??
NOTE: You must have support for LDAP included in php

Mail Servers

eGroupWare supports various IMAP servers (in order of how good they are supported):
  • Cyrus-IMAP (*)
  • DBMail (*)
  • Courier-IMAP
  • MS Exchange IMAP access (5.5 tested)
  • 1.8 release notes contain further information
  • You must have support for IMAP included in php (IMAP extension)
  • (*) EGroupware offers additional support for these IMAP servers, if installed together with Postfix and LDAP:
    • server side mail filtering (sieve support)
    • creation of mail accounts
    • creation of email aliases
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