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How do I change the charset to be used?

If for some reason you want or need to change the charset of your egw domain, you can do it at any time. But that means you will have some downtime in your installation while the process is taking place.
The prerequisite is that the characters are shown correctly in the browser. Changing the charset (theoretically) doesn't affect the existing text. This means that when using the browser, what you see right now is exactly what you will see after the process, with the only change that an "internal charset conversion" process has taken place. The steps are:

* Find out the current charset (any decent browser should have options to show you this info)
* Go to /setup, login into setup /config and perform a backup by using the backup option. Make sure the backup shows no problems (you don't see any errors or warnings in the browser)
* Download the backup to your disk
* Back in the main menu, choose to "Uninstall all apps", and confirm the action by agreeing to any warnings and confirming where asked.
* With the apps uninstalled, you should see a "Browse..." button, so click it and choose the backup you downloaded.
* Now, the critical step: before clicking to install, select in the combo the charset you want to convert your backup to, and check the box to convert the backup to that charset.
* After clicking the submit button, a full restore will be performed, but converting the original charset to the specified charset. This will take more or less time depending on how much data you had.
* When the process is over, you should see the "Check my installation button" (like a first time installation). Click it.

At this time everything should be ok. Go back to the user session, and check everything works. Check also that the browser shows info about the charset.

If something unexpected has happened, you can always go back to /setup and restore the performed backup from the backup option.

This article was created by Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla on 2007/02/08, modified by Miles Lott and migrated from the knowledgebase by Frank Drews.
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