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Synchronising eGroupWare and KDE Kontact

Synchronisation between eGroupWare and the KDE-Kontact Applications is achieved using the XMLRPC protocol.
It works "online" on the eGroupWare sever. No local copy of your data will be present if you are disconnected.

Currently the Kontact Applications Korganizer (including calendar and todo), Kaddressbook and Knotes are supported.

To use this, follow these Steps
  • Switch on XMLRPC in your eGroupWare installation
    • XMLRPC is switched off per default. A user with administrative privileges has to turn it on in:
    • Admin Section --> Site configuration --> Security --> XMLRPC
  • Configure each Kontact application which you like to synchronise
    • Each Kontact Application supports multiple "resources" which can be inserted into the app.
    • In Kaddressbook, you can for example handle your local addresses on your harddisk, some LDAP directory somewhere and your eGroupWare addresses at once.
      • Choose Add resource in the resources dialogue (normally located down left in main screen)
      • Choose eGroupWare via XMLRPC in the popup configuration dialogue
      • Enter the URL to your eGroupWare installation (e.g.
      • If you are using a different domain as default enter it
      • Supply your username and password of your eGroupWare account
  • Have fun using it.

On some installations the sync does not work after a new start. As a workaround you can uncheck and recheck the resource, then it works.

Tips & Tricks
For calendar entries you can delete the standard directory to let kontact only use the remote calendar from eGroupWare.

Here you'll find a nice german article how to use it:
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