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How can I reinstall eGroupware?

There should be no need for this, since any the initial settings can be changed at any time from /setup, so first define exactly what you want to get, and try finding the values you need. Also, in Setup / Config, backup if you find necessary, and then choose 'Uninstall all applications', which will drop almost all the database tables. Then choose 'Install all applications'. If for any unknown reason this isn't good for you, keep reading.

To reinstall egroupware just like if it was the very first time you install it, egroupware doesn't have to find the file in the installation tree. You can get this by moving or deleting the file. So if you go to any egroupware url from the browser, the setup process will start from zero.

This article ware written by Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla as an knowledgebase article and migrated to the wiki later.
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