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The table is divided into seven columns which can be sorted by column titles. Double click on the same field to reverse the sort sequence.
  1. Date: Here you can see the date and time of the timesheet recorded.
  2. Above selection box Project (usable as filter criteria) and underneath Title: If you have selected the ‘details’ filter you will see the project ID and project title at the top, below that the 'title' of the timesheet entry and, if provided, any ‘notes'. Only the timesheet 'title' will appear if you have chosen 'no details'.
  3. Duration: Shows how long the action lasted.
  4. Quantity: Intended for actions which cannot be calculated in time, e.g. trip in km (the price for the given number of km * is calculated using the mileage allowance in the pricelist). A time can be provided nonetheless. The quantity will be automatically set to the entry in the duration field if you do not input anything.
  5. Price: Shows the given price per unit.
  6. Total: Shows the resulting total price.
  7. Selection box User (usable as filter criteria): Shows all users to whom you have the required access rights.
  8. Actions: Here you will see the usual symbols provided you have the required access rights:

Below the table with the timesheets you will find the [Add] button to create a new timesheet on the left-hand side of the screen.

Further timesheet manual pages:
Timesheet preferences
Timesheet Admin

User Manual / Projectmanager / Timesheet
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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