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Synchronizing Thunderbird calendar with eGroupWare using iCalServer

Synchronizing Thunderbird calendar with eGroupWare using iCalServer

How to synchronize appointments

This chapter describes how to show and regularly synchronize your appointments and tasks secured in eGroupWare with the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client by using external free plug-ins.

How to install Lightning (iCalServer PlugIn)

The Freebusy URL was inaccurately programmed by the Connector. Freebusy is used to transfer and present the spare time in your calendar. You can change the URL manually from “freebusy.php?user=3Dusername” to “freebusy.php?user=username”.

Without this modifacation no occupied time slots are shown in Lightning. In the new release of Lightning this bug will be fixed.

  • Download the Lightning PlugIn
and back up the file „lightning-0.7-tb-linux.xpi“ at your hard drive.
  • Open the e-mail program Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Download the menu item „Extras“ -> „Add-ons“.
  • A new window will pop up. Give the name of the downloaded file „lightning-0.7-tb-linux.xpi“ as the required path and install Lightning PlugIn? by clicking on [Install].
  • After installing Lightning PlugIn you will be asked to restart Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • With the restart the installation will be completed.

How to configure a calendar for eGroupWare

Press the button [calendar] below left in Thunderbird e-mail program to switch into calendar view. Now you can add a new calendar:
  • Click with your right mouse button on “Calendar Name” and choose the option “New Calendar”.
  • A new pop up to define the location of your calendar will open. Choose the option “in network” and confirm by clicking “continue”.
  • Now choose the format “iCalendar (ICS)” and fill in your URL e.g.
In your browser will offer you a list of all available URLs you can use for the calendar.
events.ics for calendar
tasks.ics for tasks
default.ics for tasks and calendar
To have entries of a group or other users desplayed you can fill in the group- or user-name behind calsrv. e.g.: Please note that you need the according access rights in eGroupWare.
  • The next dialog will ask you to choose name and colour for your calendar. With a click on “continue” your calendar will be established.

In case you did not choose “default.ics” as URL you have to repeate the procedure with tasks.ics. This way you will get the advantage of choosing different colours for tasks and appointments.

Now please activate the tasks to get them on display:

Click on the menu item “calendar” ->”view” and activate the item “show tasks in calendar”.

Now your eGroupWare calendar is available in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Configure eGroupware for serving iCal

Remember to enable "icalsrv" for the user/group you want to allow using iCalserver!

User Manual / Synchronization
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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