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Downloading & unpacking the eGroupWare package

Downloading & unpacking the eGroupWare package

You can download the eGroupWare package at the eGroupWare download page.
We provide the following unsigned packages:
  • *.tar.gz
  • *.tar.bz2
  • *.zip

There is also a signed file, key eGroupWare packager packager AT egroupware DOT org (key number 7AF22C5C), with the md5 package sums. The key is available at The fingerprint is: 915D 3F65 55F8 AB18 34C6 22A1 2E24 11E0 7AF2 2C5C

The rpm packages were developed and signed using the SuSE Build Service.

The packages are organized as follows:
  • all formats: eGroupWare-1.4.* includes eGroupWare core and all stable (maintained) applications
  • all formats: eGroupWare-egw-pear-1.4.* includes the obligatory essential modified PEAR packages
  • all formats: eGroupWare-gallery-1.4.* includes an eGroupWare compatible Gallery2
  • all formats: eGroupWare-iCalSrv-1.4.* includes a iCal Server for eGroupWare
  • rpm: eGroupWare-application-1.4.* individual applications which require either the core package or the eGroupWare package.

The packages can be installed in any directory in the 'docroot' and require eGroupWare. If you are installing directly into the 'docroot', please note that often an alias/manual (Apache manual) exists which prevents the implementation of our manual.
The procedure for new installations is outlined in the following subchapter; updates are explained in Update the installation (chapter 2.4).

The procedure for new installations can be found at Start installation, the one for upgrades at Update the Installation.

User Manual / Installation of eGroupWare
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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