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Advanced Administration of Applications

Advanced Administration of Applications

Step 5 - Advanced Administration of Applications at the above Login window
Here you see all installed applications in a table and if the installation was successfull:

Meaning of symbols:
  • : the application is successfull installed.
  • no symbol meanst: the application is not installed.
  • : it exists an update for this application.
  • : Error because this application either needs another not installed application or this application has the wrong version.
  • : the installation of the application failed. Possibly there is a hint in the column 'Resolve' to help with the problem.

You can see in the table the 'Current Version' of the database (4. column) and the 'Available Version' (5. Column). After you imported an update, you see the higher version in the 5. column and you can 'Upgrade' the application by checking the respective box.

In the column 'Install' you can install applications by checking the respective box, then you see in the 1. column a instead of the .
To uninstall applications check the respective box in the column 'Remove'. Please note: all data of the application in tne database will be lost.

You see the symbol next to Step 5, if all apllications are up to date. In Step 6 you can manage Backup and Recovery of the Database.
If updates are not yet installed you see the symbol . Please click the button [Manage Applications] and update the application in the table.

User Manual / Installation of eGroupWare

The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.

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