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ProjectManager is a complete rewrite of the projects app, developed by Ralf Becker using modern object oriented programing techniques and a widget based user-interface / eTemplate.
It has a better integration in eGroupWare by using other already existing applications like InfoLog, Calendar or the TroubleTicketSystem? as data source or manyfold possibilities for linkages.

ProjectManager distinguishes basically between projects and project elements, which are based upon different data sources like Infolog, Calendar, TroubleTicketSystem? or other projects and exchange information with those. In the list of project elements you can for example add an Infolog entry or enter all project relevant data directly. There is no basic differentiation between projects and subprojects anymore. You can create dependencies or links between projects, so that e.g. a project is defined as a part of another project (in the old Projects named subprojects). These links or dependencies can be deleted anytime, it is also possible to superordinate one project to several (sub)projects.

ProjectManager allows for several kinds of accounting and reports, which can be flexibly chosen for each project or preset by the project admin (e.g. mode: 'no accounting', shows only how far projects or project elements are done). Depending on what kind of accounting is chosen, unnecessary fields in the lists or project data are suppressed. For each project a Ganttchart with selectable detail depth can be shown.

For more information see the concept of the rewrite.

The development is sponsored by several companies:

Additional ProjectManager manual pages:

  1. ProjectManager Menu
  2. ProjectManager Preferences
  3. ProjectManager Administration


User Manual
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.

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