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Site configuration

egw:news_admin/navbar.png Site configuration

This is where the administrator sets a directory to upload images. Users can use the text editor to upload images or add news items.

You must specify the image directory relative to the document root and use '/', not '\'!!!
For example: /images.

Once the given directory is determined to exist and is readable by the web server (i.e. the directory must have read permission set in the web server!) the image browser and upload are switched on in the text editor.

Important: The upload also requires that the directory is writable for the web server! Therefore, set read and write permission in the web server directory.

Underneath you will find two buttons to [Save] and [Cancel].

User Manual / News Admin
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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