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What is EGroupware?

What is EGroupware?

EGroupware is a worldwide leading multilingual Internet platform for effective team collaboration, task and project management. Due to international collaborating developers the software is now translated in over 20 languages and ranks as one of the most successful groupware solutions with more than 2.5 million downloads.

The actual use of EGroupware is spread across all industries. It is used by industrial enterprises and service businesses as well as research and educational facilities, associations and administrations.

The software offers a rich variety of versatile applications, connecting information and creating structure and survey. Central data and information distribution, a web based file-server and customer relationship management are just some of its highlights.

All applications can be configured individually. Due to the consistent Internet approach they fit within almost every IT landscape, thus easily integrating users worldwide into collaboration schemes and communication structures. A sophisticated user and group access rights management reflects your security requirements and guarantee to protect your data.

As a result: a software solution that leaves competitors behind regarding simple usability, flexibility, features and scalability.

EGroupware applications and features: overview


  • Create multiple address books.
  • View contacts and organisations easily by using advanced search functionalities.
  • Use categories and distribution lists to organise the address stock transparently.
  • Import/export address data material and fill documents automatically with contact data.
  • Print function for serial letters and address labels.
  • Link contact data with any other kinds of EGroupware data like notes, tasks, projects or uploaded documents to create a powerful CRM view.
  • Visualisation appointments with contacts by last date/next date notice.
  • On click access to the file manager data store of an address, to attach and manage contact related files.


  • Manage own and shared appointments.
  • Use alarm and reminder functions.
  • Send, accept and reject invitations.
  • Allocate resources to an appointment.
  • Link appointments to other data like contacts, tasks or attach files.
  • Create selection criteria and perform full-text search.
  • Use category or team view to manage your schedules optimally.
  • Get e-mail notifications about any changes in your calendar.
  • Print function to create a receipt of an appointment with complete information about date, time, subject, notes, participants, attachments.


  • Administrate and document resources.
  • Allocate resources to an appointment.
  • Categorization of resources and detail description with custom fields.


  • Complete e-mail application for managing multiple identities and e-mail accounts.
  • Refer to addresses in the AddressBook for composing e-mails efficiently.
  • Share folders, set filter rules, use multiple individual signatures, manage e-mail forwarding and out of office messages (dependent on the e-mail server capabilities).
  • Attach multiple files to e-mail directly from EGroupware's FileManager. Use your file manager.
  • Convert e-mails to tasks and link to existing InfoLog tasks as sub entries for a better overview.


  • Create tasks and delegate to team members or group.
  • Document task progress and follow status.
  • Establish comprehensive selection criteria and perform full-text search.
  • Link flexibly to other data types such as addresses, contacts, projects or attach any file by uploading to a task.
  • Be informed by getting e-mail notification and/or popup messages if status or content of task has been changed.
  • Customisable setting for a perfect visualisation and task handling.


  • Manage and audit service, maintenance, change management and any other kinds of processes, which need a defined delegation structure and escalation procedures.
  • Create functional areas (tracker queues) and types of tasks which has to be tracked.
  • Define the delegation and escalation structure.
  • Link tracker entries to InfoLog, ProjectManager and TimeSheet entries.
  • Document working progress historically and additionally by predefined text modules.
  • Print working receipts for filing.


  • Create and manage hierarchical projects.
  • Plan and manage staff and budgets.
  • Set milestones.
  • Capture working hours and costs.
  • Visualise project status and time line by Gantt chart.
  • Use an extended user right system based on individual project roles.
  • Create project templates for recurring procedures.
  • On click access to the file manager data store of the project manager module, to attach and manage project related files directly.


  • Manage and audit working time documentation.
  • Link time sheets to tasks, projects, contacts or any other kinds of information in EGroupware and classify them by categories and status.
  • Analyse data by different time periods, use time sheets as base for invoicing or internal controlling purpose.
  • Consolidate working time in the ProjectManager (or InfoLog tasks) by using the TimeSheet module.
  • Customisable status field for a better management and tracking of time sheet entries (e.g. status documented, billed, cancelled) to support invoicing processes optimally.


  • Use fully equipped web based file manager for sharing information and managing documents.
  • Individual home data area for each user.
  • Team folder for supporting data exchange optimally.
  • Direct access to the file manager from the personal computer using WebDAV.
  • Save most used folders as your Favourites.
  • Manage files and folders easily by copy/paste over a clipboard.
  • Upload multiple files at once.
  • Browse to EGroupware's module item attachments (e.g. all projects, contacts) and organise information efficiently.


  • Structure information.
  • Wiki helps to organise knowledge and documentation in a interlinked structure of different wiki pages.
  • Find content easily by index based full text search.
  • Protect information by user and group rights on page level.


  • Share companies know how on the EGroupware platform.
  • Publish any kind of information by releasing articles which contain descriptions, links to other information / modules (e.g. ProjectManager, Tracker) and attached files.
  • Order articles by categories and classify them with search items.


  • Use EGroupware as an intranet information system.
  • Publish news on a group specific level.


  • Save user links you do not want to forget or lose.
  • Save your links directly in EGroupware, not locally on your hard drive.


  • Create polls and set answers individually.
  • Assign the right to vote and to see the result of the poll to groups.


  • Run a Web site and manage the content regardless of its design.
  • Give the possibility to modify parts of your Web site to users or groups (e.g. each department can have its own part in the site).
  • Allow parts of the site can be visible only to registered users or specific groups.
  • Manage different Web sites.
  • Set different values ​​that affect the presentation of the site.


  • Sophisticated user and group access control system on the level of each module.
  • Order content by categorizing and use different filters and full text search for finding information.
  • Interlink data across the modules for providing information anywhere in the software.
  • Individualize user interfaces by eTemplate, enlarge modules through customizing fields and types.
  • Use the multi-lingual capability of EGroupware for integrating international teams.
  • Individualize the software by using module configuration and preferences on user level.
  • Protection of the users private area.
  • Synchronize applications with mobile phones, Thunderbird/Lightning and Outlook.

User Manual
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see EGroupware support.
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