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Here is the manual page of the old version 1.2.

Efficient and powerful calendar / planner including appointment management and ACL driven access authorization (i.e. users have access only to information to which they have the required access privileges. This is controlled by the system administrator). The new version has been completely reprogrammed by Ralf Becker using eTemplate. Applications programmed with eTemplate always provide a help text in your browser’s footer.

Navigation throughout the entire calendar takes place on the left by way of the calendar menu and the 'navigation calendar'. Select the applicable date and then use the icon to switch to the desired view.

You can switch among the different calendar views using either a selection box or the applicable icon:

  • shows the current day (today) in the day view.
  • shows the current week (this week) in the week view. In the calendar preferences you can choose whether you want to include weekends in the display or not. Both variants are available in the selection box.
  • shows the current month (this month) in the month view.
  • shows at a glance all appointments scheduled for multiple users and categories as a group planner. It offers simple (appointment management)? for work groups. You can choose from:
    • Planner by category: Shows a group planner listing all categories below each other. It is also possible to have a day or week view.
    • Planner by user: Shows a group planner listing all users below each other; categories are shown in different colors. It is also possible to have a day or week view.
    • Planner by resources: Shows a group planner listing all resources below each other. Categories are shown in different colors. It is also possible to have a day or week view. Important: Only works if the resources application is installed and enabled.
  • shows all appointments in a list view (table); these can be sorted or filtered according to various criteria.

In the various calendar views moving over an appointment with your mouse displays the most important information as a tooltip. The following icons are used for appointments and tooltips:

  • : high priority appointment
  • : private appointment
  • : recurring appointment
  • or : participating users or user groups
  • : non-blocking appointment
  • : booked resources
  • Participants (user or groups) will be shown with the respective status: tentative acceptance , accepted , rejected and no response egw:calendar/cnr-pending.png.

An appointment that is both for a full day and non-blocking will be displayed in the views (except group planner) at the top (space saving/single line) on the respective day.
By clicking on one of the indicated appointments in the appointment overview a popup window opens to edit the appointment, or if you have no editing privileges the popup window opens and displays the appointment.
You can add new appointments using the icon.
You can search for an appointment through the 'Search' text field or the list view.
Starting with version 1.4 you can move appointments in most views using drag&drop (i.e. pulling with the mouse).

With the selection box all categories it is possible to view all category views or a particular category. If you select a category that includes subcategories these will be differentiated in the group planner.
If you change the second selection box from No filter to Hide private infos, the details will also be suppressed in your calendar for appointments flagged as private; this means that you will only see the appointment but not the particular details (title, label, etc.).
Likewise, in the selection box user or group located below you can make the calendar available to individual users or a user group. In your general preferences you can determine: How should users be chosen? Input for instance Selection field with primary group and search and you will see in the selection box the participants of this group. You can also select other or more users through the icon .
In the day view you can choose to view the calendars of up to five users next to each other, or in the four-day view and the week view up to five below each other.

The selection box select resources allows you to have the group planner displayed according to resources.

  1. Site configuration by the administrator
  2. Custom fields by the administrator
  3. Holiday management by the administrator
  4. Calendar preferences
  5. Switching between different views of the calendar
  6. Adding an appointment
  7. Viewing an appointment
  8. Editing an appointment
  9. Moving an appointment by drag&drop
  10. Deleting an appointment
  11. Search for an appointment by way of text field 'Search' or the List view
  12. Importing appointments as iCal file or CSV file
  13. Exporting appointments

User Manual
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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