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In the Bookmarks application you can save user links you do not want to forget or lose. This has an advantage over the bookmark function integrated into the browsers since users always have access to their links no matter where they are because these links are not saved locally on a hard drive, like in the browsers, but saved directly in eGroupWare.

Add new link

To add a new link click ‘new’’ on the tab. The following template will appear containing the following fields:
  • URL: Enter the page link.
  • Name: Page name or title.
  • Description: A short description of the link.
  • Key words: Key words that summarize the link content.
  • Category: The link category.
  • Rating: Here you can input a rating to differentiate good links from bad ones more quickly.
  • Private: Activate this option to prevent other users from seeing this link.


If your collection of links is extensive you can search for links more easily by clicking on the ‘Search’ tab and selecting in which field and by which keyword you would like to initiate a search.

Tree view

Here you can open up the individual categories to try to find a particular link.


Lists all links. For many links it is very difficult to find what you are looking for. Here you will see other link options. You can edit links, send them by email or even delete them.

User Manual
The user manual is written by Outdoor Unlimited Training GmbH, who also offers support together with Stylite AG, see eGroupWare support.
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